If you live in a detached house you can have a veranda or windows on all sides.

Places to consult housing problems

Places to consult housing problems

Bathroom drying is convenient in the apartment house

If you live in a detached house you can have a veranda or windows on all sides. Many of the veranda are attached to the east or the south. So you can secure sunshine to some extent. There are things that will affect the building somewhat when building is near, but now the Construction Standards Law etc is getting stricter so it is rare that there is no sunshine a day etc. in the south. It is easy to dry laundry or ventilate.

In the case of an apartment the ventilation is not very good. The wind comes in only on the veranda. Although it is hard to be affected by the surrounding buildings, there is no place where the wind entering from the veranda will escape. Since windows are not installed even in bathrooms and toilets etc, there is no better way to improve the ventilation with a ventilating fan. When the rain continues etc can not be dried in the veranda, it can only be dried in the room.

There is a bathroom dryer in the apartment. There are many places where it is attached if it is a new property. Not only can you always dry the bathroom, you can dry the laundry. It is saved in the winter when the rain continues or when the laundry does not dry much. Even when it is difficult to dry the laundry out together with the work, it is always easier to live because you can always dry it when there is a bathroom dry.

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