Pollen is scattered a lot in the spring.

Places to consult housing problems

Places to consult housing problems

Floor heating in dwellings does not scatter dust

Pollen is scattered a lot in the spring. Can you see this pollen with your eyes? On TV and the like, you may see a lot of pollen jumping out of the mountain cedars. It does not actually fly to the city as it is visible. Various things besides pollen are drifting in the air. There are things that are not harmful to people, but there are things that are harmful, so you have to be careful.

We may use air conditioners in our house. The good point of the air conditioner is that it can be used in winter or summer. Originally it was the main thing to use as a cooler, so installation is more often at the top of the room. Send cold air, warm air into the room by the wind. Then it will happen, but the wind will turn around in the room. It is OK if the wind goes around, but dust is also dancing.

The advantage of using floor heating is that there is no splashing of dust when heating. Not like sending air into the room with wind and wind like an air conditioner. It gradually warms from the floor. Since there is convection of air, we will put a slight flow of wind, but it will not wind up strongly like an air conditioner, so it will not be until we spread it. You can spend healthy without spreading viruses such as colds.

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