You may set the glass when installing the window.

Places to consult housing problems

Places to consult housing problems

In houses outside glasses are difficult to understand double glazing

You may set the glass when installing the window. In general it is a piece of glass. The thickness of the glass varies with each. You may use a thin type or use a thick one. If you install it for crime prevention, you may use a thick type. When installing in the veranda so that the scenery and the like seems to be as clean as possible, the thin type may look more beautiful.

Although it is a window glass that is installed normally in the house, life may change greatly depending on how you choose. Since general glass is a single piece of glass, it may be called a single layer glass. On the other hand, the presence of multiple glasses is called double glazing. The glass that is in contact with the room and the glass that is in contact with the outside air are different. And there is air in between. What is the effect?

If it is a single layer glass, there is a possibility of condensation etc. if there is a temperature difference between the outside air and the house. When it gets worse it becomes submerged and it causes mold. However, if there are multiple layers, it will not be directly connected to the outside air, so temperature difference will be less likely to occur. Insulation effect may be obtained because air is contained between the glass and the glass. It is difficult to escape the air conditioning inside the house, it makes it harder to let the heating escape and you can spend comfortably.

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