There is a thermos as a tool to keep hot water without heating for a long time.

Places to consult housing problems

Places to consult housing problems

Set a bathtub with heat retention function in the house

There is a thermos as a tool to keep hot water without heating for a long time. The inside is like a mirror and there is space between the inside material and the outside material. As a result, it will be hard to reach inside even when the outside air is hot. Also the temperature inside is hard to be transmitted outside so it will be less susceptible to outside influences. You can keep the heat by having a mirror.

Recently the stainless bottle which is hard to break is mainstream, but the mechanism is the same. A structure using the structure of a thermos bottle or stainless steel water bottle may be used even in the house. It's a bathtub. In general, the thermal insulation structure of the bathtub is getting strong as it is. Styrofoam may solidify its surroundings. Styrofoam is effective because it is known to have thermal insulation.

More insulation is enhanced like a thermos bottle. Because there is space in the material, hot water becomes hard to cool down. When it is cold, you will be using gas and electricity by cooking, but if you do not cool it will not be necessary. You can save on utility cost by that much. Although it may be higher than general bathtubs, you can earn money if you can continue saving in the future. Especially when there are many families, it seems that saving effect will be obtained.

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